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Brancaster 16/08


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So Tues, random message from a mate saying ring me, he was out in his boat and his mate couldn't make day 2, did I want to go? Well hell yeah.

So met up this morning, loaded my gear into back of van and set off for Brancaster Staithe. We arrived with no issues and set about get the boat in the water. This boat is a south african dive boat, very low freeboard and I'm thinking what have I done?

The boat performed excellently despite it's size and soon got used to it. My mate yesterday had had 10 runs, 6 of which resulted in tope to the boat. So lots of hope for this trip. After over 2 hours run less, my rod went off on a flyer. Now I've had my fair share of tope, and this was putting up a hell of a battle.....


Personal best bass landed. That was a shock, but a welcome one. Slipped him back to fight another day. Guestimated 8lb.

After a bit, we moved, and eventually my rod went again, 30lb tope...


That, and a steady stream of mackerel made for a really good day. The wind picked up and we headed for cover and that was that. Awesome day out, first time on a small boat, pb bass and about a stone of mack for the freezer, awesome......

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3 minutes ago, Andy135 said:

Top dangling that man! And yes, the freeboard on that tub does look... minimalist! 😯

Lovely bass too. Good choice to put him back to grow and breed some more 👍

yep, minimalist is about right, about 12 inches......

Had mr bass been smaller he probably wouldn't have made it..... But the scrap he put up, he earnt his freedom


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