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Teignmouth Sunday 8th October


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1 hour ago, thejollysinker said:

Took my twin son from Cheltenham out Sunday for his first trip in over a year. He’s had a tough time this summer with a medical issue but he’s making a great recovery and he’s still working on it. With that in mind I decided a trip out to the last place I went on the reefs by the Ore Stone would be best.

we were out early and shot over at full tilt and were there and fishing in no time. Feathers and jigs deployed we were soon into mackerel and scad. The mackerel were nice and chunky and we loaded up the cool box with them and a load of the scad for bait.


 I decided to drop a rig down with squid jigs on and within ten minutes was into my first of the day, result! We tried drifting all over the reef with varying results and on one drift a cuttlefish came up but by the time we sorted out the net he’d dropped off. I made up for it later by bagging a bigger one 👌



with the tides being so small we had to wait ages for some run to anchor in and even then it was pitiful. We persevered and dropped some big baits down in exactly the same spot where I’d done well two weeks ago but the bites were mainly from doggies ripping off the baits. I did manage a small huss and Tom hooked into a much bigger fish, only to lose it 3/4 of the way up….😕 I reeled up a massive spider which Tom wanted to keep but the reality of dealing with it later on would have been too much so we gave it a squid bait and sent him back 😅


when we packed up I used the advice given about the Alderney ring retrieval with the buoy way up front and it worked a treat, no dramas at all and confidence restored 😊

Tom had an absolute blast, a real boost for him although I could tell he was cream crackered bless him. Got home safely and dealt with all the fish in good time, couple of beers, shower and bed! Great day out, no big fish this time but we weren’t bothered 😊


Well done, and spiders smell well good when cooking !

How we missed each other I will never know, but we always (usually) go inside the Orestone when crossing the bay.

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1 hour ago, Andy135 said:

Get in! Quality session with full bait freezer and full plates! What's not to like?!

I guess you're not superstitious though seeing as you took bananas on board?? 🍌🍌

Thanks Andy 😊

not superstitious at all and all went well so maybe that proves a point? 🤣

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4 hours ago, Saintly Fish said:

Nice one @thejollysinker. Looks and sounds like a great day out spent with your son. I'm going to have to have a go at this squid fishing!! 

Cheers Neil, it was 👍

you have to try it, so different from normal fishing and great to see them come up from the depths. Your nipper would love it I reckon 😊

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