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Weekend weather


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21 minutes ago, Andy135 said:

That would be funnier if it wasn't so true... 🤨


That would normally be a fair score, but as it was Luke that posted it must be worth at least 20% more!!  6/10. Geoff.😉

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2 hours ago, JonC said:

I think at the next SLT AGM we should discuss creating a separate ‘sort of jokes’ section for Luke to reside in. 

Obviously I am not a member of that elite group. Not really a good idea IMHO as I suspect that some of us may enjoy the challenge of hunting for the hidden element of humour that MAY be found in there. As Luke said, there has not been much in this section lately so I personally do not think we should discourage him,although it would be funny (unfair) if we just laugh at his efforts! After all making us smile is his aim. Geoff.🙂🙂🙂

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