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A midweek mooch


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1 minute ago, Andy135 said:

You got out, you caught fish. What's not to like?! Well dangled, and well skippered too. Sounds like you and the crew had to work for your fish. Good effort 👍

It was a bit snotty steaming between marks, and the Rannie was quite angry today

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3 hours ago, daio web said:

nice report mate i am hopefully out saturday  weather permitting  big tides aswell all i can do is hope for the best what weather staitions do you use mate they are all showing big difference between them 

"Tides near me" on my phone and "tides4fishing" on my laptop, never identical but not far away

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Theres an app simply called "Tides" on Android by a chap called David Easton which is good as it includes a storm surge correction and also tabs that give wave heights and directions. No weather but the waves are useful and predict a few days in advance



I use the actual tide height to enter a tidal offset on my Garmin Quickdraw contours so they have some resemblance to reality in tidal waters (near shore for me)

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