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Sunday 3rd March - Bream fest weymouth!

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1 hour ago, mike farrants said:

Nice break in the weather so we hit it!

Left the marina at 7.45 heading for fresh bait first - not easy but found 3 mackerel to add to the frozen bait - although it took best part of an hour to find them!

Soon headed out to our 5mile mark over mixed ground. Dropped the hook in a light tide. 

we both fished 2 rods each - One rod with big mackerel baits for the rays, one with small hooks and squid strips for bream & Whiting. 

We had Bream from the off and constant all day - they were ravenous - hitting the baits hard and fast - even shredding the big fish baits - we must have had 50 to the boat between the 2 of us - taking 6 home for dinner and neighbours! great sport on light tackle!




even double shots of bream!



We also had pout on the smaller baits - but no whiting.

the big baits also did the trick when the bream allowed - we both had Huss, and Thornies - mine matched my PB at 14lb. 





I had also had congers and Tim had the only Dog of the day.  

felt like spring out there!

Lovely stuff!

Good one Mike, you're lucky to get out. Well done!

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