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Weight loss program


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A man saw an advert for a weight loss program in a magazine. It promised to help lose 5 pounds in 5 days. He called the number and the next day there was a knock at the door. There was a beautiful blonde wearing little clothing and a sign around her neck saying “if you catch me you can gave me”. He spent the day chasing after her but never caught her. The next day,again there was a knock on the door and the sane girl appeared. This went on for 5 days abd sure enough the man lost 5 pounds. 

He rang back up and enquired about their 10 pounds in 5 days program. Similar to before, a knock at the door. This time, 2 stunning blondes with the same sign on their necks. 

After the second 5 days he lost another 10lb and was feeling great. He rang the company again to tell him how great he was feeling. They offered him their most intensive program, 25lb in 10 days. Certain he was goi g to get REALLY lucky he said yes. 

As before, a knock at the door, thus time there was a large, well endowed naked man, very muscular and a sign on his neck. Which read “If I catch you, I can have YOU”


The man did indeed lose 25lb in 5 days….

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