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i caught a lovely one off the back of the boat sat on the pontoon - they wouldn't take the bread submerged under a float or freelined - but when i kept the line and hook almost out of the water and the bread just on the surface they took it. 

seemed they were cautious when they had time to think - but when it was on the surface they smash and grab. 

frustrating, but also very exhilarating when you get one!

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Mullet are easy once you've got them cracked.

Feeding habits change from location to location. When you can see the fish up in the water like this on top, throw in half a slice of bread and sit on your hands and watch. Rip into finger tip sized flakes but don't squash the bread and knock the air out..as it will obviously sink.

Key is to gradually build up the offerings and only when they confidently numing the bread should you sling in a line... and then beyond the feeding fish and bring your line in slowly to the area where the fish are feeding.

Hooks? Mustard B983's, size 8 or 6. I use a carp self cocking float .. hook length is tricky as fluoro will sink so just a good quality line, about 5 ft should do it.. bread flake should be pinched around the eye of the hook.

Mullet will also feed differently upon location, creeks can be tough if they are sifting silt for micro organisms.. no different from chucking surface lures for Bass if the bass are noses down looking for crabs.. match the hatch to a degree..

Harbours, sea walls at depth is easier again but less fun.. shop bought ground bait, mix in some bread.. shitty mackerel if you have it and ball it in to start then gradually feed.. as for set up? Waggler style with a reasonable drop or as some of the less finesse guys approach is to drop down a two hook patt small hooks and mould bread to hook, obviously exposing the hook point. Another tip, mould bread or ground bait around the sinker.. also worth fishing mackerel strip!

Time of the day plays a part, off the top.. early mornings late afternoons into evenings..

Fishing deeper, you'll catch any time of day or at night.. 

When we used to get round to Hurst Bassin on bait gear, we used to regularly catch Bream and Mullet on 8/0's, mackerel head and gut baits. Goes to show that Mullet are not all that difficult.  

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