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Trailer time

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Been off the water with a stuffed back and also my boat trailer with a stuffed back too!!!

I had planned on having my trailer repaired but after pushing my thumb through one spot and two cross members cracked, I decided a trip the dump for that one. 

So a 7hr drive each way to pick up a new aluminium trailer was the go. Did the drive over two days rather than cram it into one, given I had to go over the snowy mountains to get there. Must admit the -2’c overnight temps were a shock, which made packing the roof tent away while covered in ice not so easy. 

As you can see all parts of this trailer can easily be replaced by simply bolting on and off. I’ve also upgraded to a heavier max load rating allowing 250kg for carrying items in the boat.

Just need to replace the centre rollers and skid's to suit a fibreglass boat, then adjust heights to fit my boat and I will be back out there in a few days wetting a line. Doubt I will be able to do any trips further afield to avoid winter this year now the budgets blown, so local fishing only.









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