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Superman is out flying and sees wonder woman naked on a rooftop with her legs wide open and moaning in delight

He thinks to himself that as he is faster than a speeding bullet he can do his business with her and fly off before she knows it.

He toys with the idea and decides to go for it. He swoops down fucks her with lightning thrusts and zooms off in a flash.

The whole event lasts less than a second. As soon as he's gone wonder woman gasps, sits up and yells "what the hell was that?!"

"I don't know but my ass hurts like hell" replies the invisible Man

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36 minutes ago, JonC said:

As soon as I read the first lines I knew the gag, and I’ve never heard it before. 
as it said on his school reports, Must try harder. 

Yes but how does that sentiment translate into "Predictably level high"? Makes no sense.

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