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Schoolie success


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Despite cold water and biting easterly wind I ventured out with the lure rod yesterday.

I wasn't very optimistic, but was encouraged when my Megabass Flatbacker was hit third cast.

The bass didn't stick, but the next two takes did, on a Hound Glide.

I then experimented with a new vibration bait, a Bassday ORC 70mm, and nailed another schoolie with a gentle sink-and-draw action.

After trying numerous sub-surface lures I had managed to add only a juvenile herring gull to the score. After a lot of 'kite flying' I got it to the side of the boat and unhooked it with long-nosed pliers. Fortunately  it was hooked in the tip of the beak on one prong of the Maruto barbless treble, so it was easy to release unharmed.

Finally I reverted to the Flatbacker, which yielded one missed take, one dropped fish and three more schoolies landed.

Not bad for the beginning of April! 





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I've posted this under 'Bass Lure Fishing' in the Shore section as there doesn't appear to be a slot in the Boat section. If you would prefer me to post as a general boat report, please let me know. I'm afloat again this morning! PH

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4 hours ago, JonC said:

Leave your post wherever you like, the main thing is that it’s here. There’s little doubt though that if it needs moving then the power crazed ginger nerd will move it anyway, he moves all my posts. 

The ginger nerds not happy!! 

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