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Dad fishing.

Saintly Fish

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So, for the first time in two years I took my dad fishing yesterday. We met at 7.45am and we’re gone from the pontoon by 8. 
We drifted in the solent shallows for an hour first to try for plaice. Nothing. 
Ok, so contInue east with the tide to Browndown. Drop the anchor and settle in waiting for the action to start.



Nothing... for an hour. Then I pulled in a mediocre sized dog fish. Then my dad pulled in a smaller one. Well he had to have a photo, and did his best at trying to make it bigger than it was. 



That was it. 5 hours we sat there for two LSD’s. Not even any other bites. 
What a disappointment. 
The biggest highlight of the day was me throwing my conoflex kayak rod and small 4000 sized shimano reel over the side only to watch it float on the surface teasingly for 6 seconds, then descend to the bottom. 
So 2 dogs, a lost rod and some decent catch up time with the old man. 
A good day out!

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I bet it was nice to have some boat/fishing time together. If your dad really wants to trick the camera he needs longer arms and smaller hands! Good report, as Andy said, sounds like a result - certainly more interesting than blanking, but just to be out there must have been great for both of you☺️. Geoff

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15 minutes ago, Andy135 said:

Two dogs?! Sounds like a result to me! 🐶🐟

Shame about your rod though. How did it fall in?

Well, I was putting it away into one of the roof mounted holders. Holding on with my left hand and reaching up with the rod in my right. I slotted it in the holder and as I retracted my arm, the handle tucked itself into my sleeve. As my arm came down the rod came with it, bounced off the gunwale and floated away.  Shame really as it was a good little rod for mackerel fishing. The reel was old but still very usable. 

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