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Out of Milford Haven


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Our last trip of the year (down west) started with an uneventful 2hrs odd drive to Milford, where we were all fairly glad to find the toilet block open and free to use

Boarded Lady Gail at 8.30am and got through the lock a short while later, to the sound of Fen (skipper) asking what bait we had

Lures and feathers we happily replied, why didn't you bring bait, should've brought bait he said

With a wall of concerned expressions looking at me, I explained to Fen that his booking agent (mate on another boat, long story) assured me that we would be fishing the islands and reefs as we had the last few trips

Mutiny avoided we headed out of the Haven and with the islands in view, turned left away from them (they don't fish too good this time of year apparently)

Stopped on a reef just outside the mouth and picked up a couple of small Pollock around the 2lb mark on first drift, then nothing

Move a bit further east for similar rewards and this was pretty much how it panned out for the remainder of the day

Probably tried 8-10 different areas, doing 2/3 drifts in each, but no rich pickings today

We did have a couple of drifts where the fish were around 5lb (and I managed a couple of brace) but then seemed to disappear, leaving the smaller ones on the feed

Back through the lock and tied up around 5.15 ish and on the road by just after 5.30

A very enjoyable day with great company and plenty of piss taking (especially our mate who blanked)

If any of you fancy a trip next summer, I can't recommend this area or skipper highly enough

Not brilliant this time of year, but June to Sept it's phenomenal, absolutely non-stop



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2 minutes ago, jonnyswamp said:

Thought I put it in catch reports 🤷‍♂️

Yeah, I did the same as you, that was the shore section which comes under Tadpole’s  jurisdiction. This is the boat fishing catch reports. 

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Nice report.


i was down winterising boat today service and back to Cardiff then! I was hoping the pollack woukd hang around in he islands I to the winter but obviously not......

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