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A few hrs in the BC


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Decided on a short trip Sunday, as we all had stuff to get back to around 4pm

I had a tray of Strongbow with my name on and the others had various BBQ's/pub commitments

So, out through the 7am lock to a beautiful sight (if you call coffee coloured, sanitary towel ridden water beautiful)


and a rather pleasant run up the Channel for a go at a few Bass

Anchor dropped in 8ft of rising water and rods out by about 8ish

My 2 usual crew (Mike and Mark, aka Shuff and Nipper) were joined by a newbie, Little Dai, who certainly came prepared


As we were getting the 2.15 inbound lock, it was decided to stay put and not move about, as the mark we were on wasn't really specific being a rather large sand bank

Fishing was slow with Nipper netting 3 around the 2lb mark, had to keep one as it was deep hooked and bleeding (it was also just in size)


Little Dai had a good tussle with a small thornie, that put a hell of a bend in a 20/30lb rod


And I just had the one Bass that went bang on 2.5 lb and 460mm, which will be tea tonight


And no, I couldn't hold it any closer to the camera

The 4 Bass came to squid/rag cocktails on the uptide gear, with the downtide rods not faring too well in the shallow water

As Shuff can't cast due to a shoulder injury (ironically caused by casting) he stuck to downtiding and blanked ( he's a stubborn old coot who won't let me cast for him)

High water was supposed to be around 11.30, but with a building south westerly against the tide, we didn't fully turn until well after 12

With the wind trying to push the water back up the Channel, it was getting a bit uncomfortable and Little Dai's Saturday tea of Lamb stew was threatening to reappear

I called time at Just after 1pm and we made our way back towards Cardiff doing a sluggish feeling 14/15 knts through a nasty chop and a couple of rain showers

The worsening weather must have called time on most of the other boats activities as well, as all 3 locks had to be used, for both the fishing boats and the WAFI's






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42 minutes ago, Andy135 said:

Good session that. Well done.

Not sure about the Captain's hat & camo combo though. 🤣

And as for the beautiful jam rags.... 🤮🤣

Yes, they are a pain

They get stuck between your teeth when clearing the line


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