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Sharking Trip

Tony smith

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Had a weekend away in Devon 

come back early Monday morning decided to go at 1pm for a short trip out. 

Met James at the boat 
got to the mark at 5pm 

had a few things go wrong 

After getting a lovely chum slick going we lost our two bags of chum the knot had come Undone  🙁

Left St Catherine’s Point at 10-45pm for a slow trip back home 

No sharks this trip got to bed at 3-30am

i am writing this can barely keep my eyes open haha 

we will succeed with a Thresher one day 👍



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Top effort Tony. Sometimes the trip just doesn't go your way, but good on you for getting out there. Got to be in it to win it.

Good on you for sharing a blank post too. Bet there are many of us that blank and don't post about it, so kudos to you. 👍

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My old hunting grounds St Catherins, did you bottom fish while drifting. I had a thresher take my first bait as I was hand lining the trace over the side to tie a ballon there once. My second bait over the side resulted in another thresher almost as quick as the first one.

Over here one of my daughters young friends had an exiting battle on an estimated 250kg thresher on the weekend from a 3.85m open boat.

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6 hours ago, Tony smith said:

We were on the float mate about 70ft down in 107ft of water. 

Live mackerel 

That must of been a battle for your daughters friend.

Thanks for that 



I used to bottom fish while drifting for sharks in that area, picked up pollack and ling regularly. My daughters friend (ex boyfriend ) has landed some pretty large mako's from that little boat, he loves targeting sharks and works them over pretty quick.

107ft sounds so shallow these days!!! One of the boats boats I used to fish from has now tagged over 200 threshers form the Isle of Wight.


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11 minutes ago, Tony smith said:

I was given the mark as someone caught two Threshers last Tuesday 👍

I drifted with a 12lb ling on as bait one day and a big squid killed it by taking a chunk out of the back of its head. Alway's being a bit optimistic using at least one really big bait!!!!...also used pretty big pollack as bait. Over here a shark smaller than your bait will try to eat it.

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22 hours ago, Andy135 said:

@JDP, over what ground did you find the ling? Been wanting to catch one for a while.

The ling were from one of the wrecks in that area over the brief slack tide. I used big baits more when I fished longer range trips around the Channel Islands in hope of that elusive mako.

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