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17/10/20 Selsey


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So with the break in the weather the weekend. (Sunday being the better day but Saturday being the only day I could make)

we headed out in search of a Cod!

On the water by 7.30am a little lumpy from the east For the first of the day but it did calm off by about 1pm.

nab grounds various areas and few moves but no cigars.

still we had a few smaller congers dogs pouts and a stray hound.

anyway ! The best part was the curry on the way back

thyme and chillies Restraunt as you head through Birdham. Just thought we’d try it on the off chance .. a long wait for the food . But it was with out doubt the best Indian food Iv ever had .. makes the crap in Kent look even worse than it already is.






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8 minutes ago, Scotch_Egg2012 said:

You weren't far from us, I was out on a friends boat.  Lumpy as you say at first, quiet on the fish front with a nice double undulate the notable fish amongst straps and Whiting

Any chance of a catch report Scott? 😉

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16 hours ago, Tadpole said:

Hi Josh, I responded to your post regarding Elmore slip on the other site.. did you venture out?

I did but not from there I went from my usual Chichester slip.

but thanks I’ll be trying there on a smaller tide no doubt 

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