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putting the boat on the drying grid soon.....

mike farrants

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in a couple of weeks ill be joining my mate on the drying grid in the marina for a bit of low tide scrubbing/jet washing. 

the grid has a couple of piles on each side and room for 2 boats - my plan is to get on with a few feet of tide under me still, run a loose loop around the wooden piles and drop a fender or two sideways to protect the hull, then sit and wait (adjusting as she drops) for her to dry out. 

then with a ladder on board already, get off and get scrubbing/pressure washing the hull - before climbing back on board to wait for the tide again.

I will have with me - ladder, water proofs, wellies, Tea and snacks, scrubbing brush, hose, extension lead, pressure washer

Having never done this id like to know any pointers? what gear to have with me, what to look for and what to do - any advice welcomed - I'm a complete novice to boat maintenance. 

Here she is before I owned her out of the water. - thanks!


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That looks luxurious compared to the two telegraph poles in the beach that I use. 
If possible try to get something under the keel, maybe lash a couple of tyres in place to give you a bit of clearance. 
I keep my boat about a foot off then as the tides drops lean onto them, it’s safer than having it dead upright or leaning out. Last time I cleaned the side that was away from the posts then used a rope to lower the boat onto the port side.


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