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10th June - Lulworth Ledges

mike farrants

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Loveley day out on a friends boat on lulworth ledges -

I got gifted 2 new rods that someone was having a clear out - both Leeda Icons, one 12-20lb one 20-30lb. 

we started off markerel feathering in portland entrances - christened the 12-20lb with a few mackerel on tinsels - my mates sabikis were proving better though.

then we headed off to Lulworth Ledges in search of bream - i manged a couple of babies and a starfish..... my mate had 4 sizeable ones, 2 are in my freezer, one i ate before the football on sunday (we wont mention that again) and one was gifted to a neighbour. 

The fishing wasn't the best for me - but happy to be out on what was a glorious day - we did a bit of sightseeing too on the way home! 






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3 hours ago, mike farrants said:

no never fished the beach - would imagine all that coast holds plenty of mixed species!

Only done it once, the hike and the climb down to the beach stops me going again! 
Did catch a 20lb conger though. 

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