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Almost finished


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Been busy tinkering with the new little outfit 4.3m centre console.

Trailer was a mess so dropped the boat onto three tyres in the garden and tidied that up first. Plenty of rust chipping and wire brushing then stopping in its tracks with a product called Fertan. Some parts were sprayed with zinc paint and others with a bitumen paint, I also tilted the trailer so I could run fish oil through the box sections until it ran through to the opposite end. All finished off with lanotec steel-seal for safe measure, hopefully a couple more seasons from it.




Popped on two transom mounted transducers on adjustable brackets so I can pull them up on long distance runs and beach launching etc (Garmin GT51 and PC30 panoptic). I also have an airmar 175hw cut into the the floor and considering a 174 deep water but will see how I go that far offshore in such a little boat first.







Fitted new radio's and gone with a mix of electronics networked together via nmea 2000 (with a few restrictions on what can be shared between brands).







Fitted a quick removable ladder with open steps so we can get out quicker wearing fins when we have something toothy wanting our catch. Closed steps mean taking our fins off to use the steps, which is hard to do while holding the ladder, speargun and fish!!!.





There seems of of gone a small fortune into such a little boat (including a lonestar electric winch) so I hope to keep this one a while and use it on some long distance trips away from home. I have one trip planned in a few weeks to the Northern Territory (8000+km drive) and out to some remote islands (Edward Pellew group) but thinks are starting to look doubtful with the latest Cover outbreaks again.

Im over tinkering and feeling itchy from so many holes cut into the glass and hope to not do any of it again soon!!!...just remembered I still need to fit an external pump so I can setup a live bait tank.




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2 hours ago, JonC said:

Australia is 3860 km wide, are you planning on getting lost a bit? 

Planning on heading to a place called Shady Camp (an area we regularly fish for Barra as well as Vanderlin island ). My km's are for a round trip which will actually go well over the 8000k. Also hope to catch up with my youngest daughter who is living in the NT.


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If WA didn't have restrictions we were hoping to of headed over to Exmouth where both the fishing and diving is excellent. In the Northern Territory its far more risky to dive because of croc's, sharks and deadly jellyfish but we do still risk it.

As you can see road trips are longer than the 3860km you mention. These don't include any excisions along the way, which is silly not to do on such big trips. One of our NT trips with the whole family we clocked almost 15000km round trip in 4 weeks.


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