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Mackerel fishing this morning (20th Aug)


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Here you go ...............

Yesterday was a wash out with heavy rain and coastal fog, so we decided to give it a go today. The crew was just the wife and myself. Got down to the slipway at 7:0am and the forecast was wrong AGAIN, there was low cloud and drizzle moving from south to north along the coast. As I am a dry weather angler, we waited for this dross to pass over and launched at 8:00am.

The sea was fairly flat with a very light westerly, however, by mid morning the forecast was for the wind to veer South West and then south at 20knt, which I knew would give a very lumpy wind over tide sea. In view of this I decided that the wrecks were not a viable option and we would get straight on with Mackerel fishing to fill the bait freezer.

My first mark was the parson & clerk rocks , this is a very inshore mark with a depth of about 30ft. This mark is only a short trip of about 2 miles along the coast. When we got there I could hear the familiar wailing of seal pups, and then noticed that there was a family of 7 seals on the rocks. I went in quite close for the wife to see them, but it is tricky in 4ft of water and dodging the rock pinnacles, but it is an area I know well.

We positioned about  a quarter of a mile out in 30ft. On the first drop using snowbiki’s (size 6) the wife was straight into a couple of good sized Mack before I had even set my rod up ! We both caught steadily for the next hour and all the mack were of a decent size, with many being large, and the majority being medium  large. Every now and again we would hook a monster channel Mack and these were about 2lb+

The wind veered south quite quickly and the sea turned very lumpy, also we could see an area of drizzle and low cloud sweeping towards our location, so I quickly moved out to sea by about 2 miles to avoid getting wet. We fished whilst we waited for the shower to pass through which took about 30 mins  and there were certainly no mackerel out at that distance. It looks like they are hugging the inshore coastline.

A very bumpy trip back to our mark at 20knt, and then we were back into the Mack again with the odd small tub.

The weather deteriorated at midday, so we went back in, but our mission had been accomplished.

The final count was 177 Mack into the bait freezer, and a further 6 that were kept out for eating, giving a total of 183, not bad for a morning's fishing.


The Parson & Clerk rocks



Same thing but zoomed



This was one cool box after the 1st hour, about 60 Mack, we filled 3 of them by midday.


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2 minutes ago, Andy135 said:

Always enjoy your reports with their detailed sea conditions. Good write up of a very worthwhile trip to top up the bait freezer.

177 mackerel?! Where are you going to keep them all? 👍

The freezer is full now, also in there is 20kg of squid, 10 rolls of blacks, 2 boxes of razors, 5kg of sandeels,, and a good number of frozen hermit and peeler.

I hope we dont get a power cut !

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