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Red mullet


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Not much to report as the fish seem to of shut down with the cold water. Normally winter sea temps don't drop bellow 16'c in my area during winter but we are in the sixth week of bellow 13'c. Summer temps are hotter and winter sea temps colder.

Fished for about 6hrs covering 129km of travel without loosing a bait until I stopped on a shallow lump close to home in 25m. Every drop resulted in fish on the micro jig, with no consistency to species. It was pretty much a different fish each drop, with even my first red mullet on a micro. At one point I had hooked a small snapper only to have a large squid attack it on the way up, this encouraged me to quickly get a squid jig down tom the bottom which was soon snagging and few tasty calamari. I did hook a pretty solid snapper at one point but pulled the hooks on it which made me keen to head back out today for a second chance at it.

Today was pretty quiet on edible species apart from some more good sized squid. Decided to anchor for a change but this soon had rays and woebegone sharks honing in on my burley pot and baits close to it, ok if you like heavy sluggish fish!!!!

My daughter had taken her little rib out as well now that the boats she drives commercialy are stopped due to covid restrictions. She creeped right inshore close to the beach for her bag limit of salmon. 

Cracked my Garmin 8410 screen pushing the boat to hard through chop when the wind picked up on the run home. Also the simrad evo 3 packed it in too, they don't make them tough enough!!!!!













IMG_4462 2.JPG

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4 hours ago, Saintly Fish said:

Lovely fishing there Jon. I am starting to think that you don’t really exist, seeing as all we see are photos of your daughter (not that that’s a bad thing mind), and not you fishing!! 
Are you actually your daughter in disguise? 


Yes Im much to ugly for the camera!!!!  I rarely take any pictures while fishing on my own, tend to only bother if I have the kids. 

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