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2 hours ago, JonC said:

I think you’ll find there’s a lot of people on here that have quite a generous rounding up system for fish!

Sometimes it is very difficult to judge the size of a fish from a photo. I generally weigh fish rather than measure them as I have had 5lb pollock and  7lb pollock exactly the same length on a drift. Bass are similar, I am not at huge fan of the Bass length to weight charts. Good quality scales don't lie !

I think the shark and Tuna charts are probably more scientific. The shark measurements are a well proven formula. I use the Tuna charts developed from the East coast USA fishery. With fish of that size you have no choice and accurate measurements are the only way.

Think about the past Jon, I bet you have underestimated the weight of a fish more times than an over estimation. 

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On 8/23/2021 at 9:52 AM, mike farrants said:

is that where all the mackerel are going?

Now that the Mackerel are here in numbers, I expect we will see the BFT again. They feed on the Mack & Scad, then the Whiting and sprats in the late autumn/ early winter.

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