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Hotting up


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Been slow coming but according the the weatherman 45-50'c on its way by the end of the week. Felt pretty hot already today after my dog walk, both myself and the hound were glad when the walk was over, might get the Mrs to drop me closer to home tomorrow to walk back🔥 Having to keep the dog on the lead with so many snakes about this summer. 

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12 hours ago, JonC said:

Watch you don’t go dropping any more of them hand warmers, we don’t want our Christmas tv spoiled by forest fire news reports. 

Nothing left to burn form the last ones.

As for tv, all we get on ours is the UK Covid figures, hence why we don't watch much tv over here.  I suppose that's better than the years of Brexit we had to put up from you!!!!

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12 minutes ago, Saintly Fish said:

That was a great series, I'm gutted it finally finished. 
BTW, what was the outcome ?

Never watched the end, I believe once they got their own way the countries wealth would increase, foreign trawlers would head into the distance, everyone could catch a tuna and the fishing would be great again. Obviously people are much to busy, spending their money and catching fish to post about it unfortunately. Some have done so well they've increased their pot noodle consumption tenfold.

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7 hours ago, captin slows old outlaw said:

i dont like ex stream heat or cold hop you have grate xmas

18-28'c suits me, which used to be our winter and summer average in my area but things have dramatically changed, even water temps have gone both colder in winter and hotter during summer locally by 2'c which effects rain fall etc. According to the scientists countries like ours will see more dramatic climate change before others but the changes are claimed to be more worldwide as time moves on. 

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