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Refurb and running repairs on Jersey Girl

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So as with any used boat, there are a few niggles that I want to sort out on Jersey Girl. The list started off quite small, but the more time I spend working on her, the more things I find I want to do or fix.

So far I've removed the Lowrance LSS-1 downscan/sidescan transducer and black box, and in its place I've installed the Active Imaging 3-in-1 transducer from Apache (the orginal Totalscan transducer has gone back on Apache). The LSS-1 kit may be available shortly - need to test that it works and assuming so I'll advertise it here.

I've drained the propylene glycol from the Airmar M260 transducer tank and epoxied up a leak in the tank itself. Need to re-fill it with new fluid next.

I've started to unpick the wiring loom from behind the helm - much of what is there seems to have been done well/competently, which is encouraging. There are some oddities but nothing too serious or un-fixable. For example, the deck light is not wired into a switch or power - just loose cables routed round to behind the dash. Or the fact that the existing plotters are wired into the permanent live side of the switch panel, and therefore aren't actually switched, or the fact that the stern bilge pump was wired to run off the Start battery instead of the House.


I've also replaced the diaphragm on the manual bilge pump which had gone dry and cracked along the fold inside.


And nipped up a small weep in the main helm hydraulic unions. Had to go and buy a 16mm spanner for that. I'll replace the hydraulic fluid with new and bleed the system shortly.


Next up is to install the HDS 9 Live from Apache and remove the old HDS 8 Gen 1 from the helm, then figure out how to cover or make use of the hole that it will leave


Then replace the desk wash pump. Here's the old one. The new one is sitting on my desk waiting to be installed.


Also need to remove the old HDS5 Gen 1 from the second helm station and replace it with an HDS 7 Gen 3 which I already have. This will involve enlarging the aperture in the GRP where the HDS5 was in order to flush mount the HDS 7.

Two new flush-fit rod holders are on their way from Italy which will be installed in the corners of the splashwell top surface, and two new batteries are already on the boat waiting to be installed.

Also need to re-wire and re-secure the forward bilge pump as I found it rolling around free in the bottom of the hull.


Then replace the ground tackle with a longer length of chain and more rode. The current set-up has 6mm chain barely half the length of the hull, and only 70m-ish of rode.

Then after all that is done, I can go fishing...

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A successful night last night. Removed the HDS5, enlarged the hole in the wheelhouse and installed the HDS7 and wired it in then fired it up to test. All good. And I finished before it started to rain!

The original hole with the HDS5 removed.


The template marked up, showing the areas requiring removal.


The finished installation.


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Had a very productive day on the boat today, with huge help from Pete aka captinslow. We replaced and bled the hydraulic steering fluid, replaced the batteries with new ones, rewired the forward bilge pump to the House battery instead of the Start, installed the second HDS 9 and sealed up the hydraulic line skin fittings in the splash well.

Twin HDS 9's installed


Colour of the 10 year old hydraulic fluid that came out of the steering system - yuk! Should be light yellow in colour, like a medium dry white wine.


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4 minutes ago, Maverick said:

Hope all goes well tomorrow 

Thanks - Neil is coming along to point and laugh when everything goes wrong, and to take the credit when everything goes smoothly... Either way, we'll stick up a report.

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Got a few more jobs done on the boat today. I had to replace the bolts on one of the rollers on the bow roller as the previous owner had been using two undersized bolts that didn't engage with the thread in the roller and were too long, so they bent. How they managed to stay in place I will never know.

Correct new bolts going in with a smear of thread lock to stop them unwinding with the roller action.



Also sorted out the port wiper which wasn't pantographing (if that's even a word) properly. It was operating like a regular car wiper instead of keeping the blade vertical throughout the sweep of the arm. Turned out it was a seized pivot joint and a loose nut on the end of the spigot. A healthy dose of lube and a tweak with a spanner and it now works as it should.



I spent an hour tidying up the wiring under the helm and putting the cable runs into braided cable wrap. I also installed two more rod holders on the splash well top. Needn't have bothered though as I doubt we'll be fishing any time soon now 🤣


Finally, I indulged my inner fanboy and stuck a Lowrance vinyl on the inside of the wheelhouse door. #mustgetoutmore


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26 minutes ago, 240z said:

It’s all looking good but you do know once all the jobs are done another list of things to do will come along 😫👍🏼

Thanks, and yes, isn't that is the sad truth of boat ownership - the "endless list"!

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we all know what BOAT stands for-

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I replaced the fire extinguisher last night as I had noticed some corrosion on the old one. Given that it was new in 2010 it's not too surprising, but I definitely didn't like the look of what I found.



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6 minutes ago, suzook12 said:

probably good for another 5 years service that, only surface rust atm....

You're probably right, but I hate the idea of the pressure seeping out due to corrosion round the neck of the bottle, for example, so there's nothing left if I should ever need it.

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