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Feeling brave Thursday


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9 hours ago, Malc said:

Any ideas what kind? Red Gurnard?






Looking closely, I am pretty sure that is a juvenile Grey Gurnard. It has the well defined lateral line and just behind the gills the classic grey /brown spots fading to white.

It also has the more spotted pattern on the head. Reds are generally what it says on the tin, they range from vivid red (almost orange) to an all over Red blotchy pattern.

We catch loads of Grey's on the Skerries, Reds and Tubs off the wrecks, and the very occasional Streaked Gurnard.



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1 hour ago, mike farrants said:

Tubs have blue edges to their pectoral fins

I looked in my very old copy of "The observers book of sea fish" and that was the fish I could rule out and as it is immature that makes it harder to ID, more so because we rarely get them this far north unless we are on the west coast. 

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