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Lowrance HDS5m GPS unit with StructureScan LSS-1 sonar module and sidescan/downscan transducer


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Lowrance HDS5m GPS unit, which connects by ethernet to the LSS-1 module and transom-mount transducer. All cables included (HDS5m power cable, yellow ethernet cable, LSS-1 power cable). This unit was previously flush-mounted and does not come with the dash mount stand nor chart card. The transducer mount will need 2x M6 stainless bolts and nylocs. The mount itself has seen better days and shows some signs of galvanic corrosion. The transducer itself ticks nicely.

Not really sure how to price this as there aren't any that I've seen for sale in the UK to give a ballpark market value, so let's say £100 plus P&P.






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2 hours ago, suzook12 said:

It's alright Jon, I'm quite particular as to hoew my wires are twisted together and taped up, and how the units are cable tied into position 🤣

Old speaker wire twists very nicely, so thin there's no chance of it pricking soft fingers!!!

Those old Lowrance hds5 units were very good, I keep one as a spare.

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4 minutes ago, captin slows old outlaw said:

you beat me to it, you  lucky@@@@@@

good luck mate if you had not been there before me i would have had it

I’ve offered you a shit hot deal on a brand new unit and you want andy’s cast offs 🙄

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