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Fuel tank risk 1-10

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1 minute ago, Captain Sensible said:

One time when I sat accidentally on the fuel tank air came out the vent screw so it baint be one way plus think on hot days it needs to vent out 

But TBF you're not supposed to sit on them, so that's a mistake of the user not the tank. And I'd doubt a small puff of fumes would cause any issue at all. 
Same with the pressure venting. Ive only seen a plastic tank swell when left in direct sunlight, or in extra warm places. The bilge of a boat is not a particularly warm place. But it's like everything on a boat, check and maintain and you should be ok! Plastic fuel tanks are fitted to boats all the time, ok so they vent outside, but I can't see a 20ltr portable giving any issues if well cared for. 

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The boat is ass heavy - 30hp 90kg yam 4 stroke about double the weight of what it was built for (25hp two stroke ) 

In stern is also battery (not in a box)  and fuel tank next to each other. Tank would go into open storage under cuddy 

I make the odd cup of tea in cuddy with stove (with hatch open) 

just occurred to me stove and venting tank might not be ideal - but then what the f do I know 



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My 520 was a little underpowered with a 25 4T on the back. I had a 2.5 aux engine which pushed it along nicely if needed( which it did a couple of times) but the extra weight at the stern bogged it down a bit.

I moved the aux under the cuddy strapping it on top of a seat box and always carried the second fuel tank up front too when full( vent closed)

I didn’t have a stove but these two actions trimmed the boat up nicely and gave me a couple of extra knots.

When o did need the aux, it was light enough to easily manhandle on to its bracket( also kept it in better shape stowed up front.

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