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Early start Saturday morning


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After a few hours sleep from the hectic beach session it was back at the boat ramp at 6am for another day offshore with the young fellas chasing marlin. They had been a pit unhappy we were have fun out there while they were at school through the week.

Normally we travel around 20k offshore to the start of the continental shelf to target marlin but this black marlin almost jumped into the boat as we left the harbour.



We didn't stop to have a fish as we seldom hook a fish we've seen free jumping. There were a few boats out wide with a weekend comp on, so we headed away from them in search of mackerel or small tuna to use as bait. When you find bait it will often have marlin on it. This is mackerel virtually the same as the UK variety.



After catching a couple of strings of them for the live bait tank we setup some live bait trolling outfits and started the search. Wasn't long before we found bait with a fair amount of marlin showing on the sounder and suddenly we were hooked into three marlin. Another boat soon moved in and they got a double hookup. Fighting three fish was crazy and had the youngsters pumped with excitement. Luckily two pulled the hooks and we were able to concentrate on handling just one.

Two of the boys (brothers aged 13-15) worked together, with the youngest lining his elder brothers fish when he was able to get hold of the leader. Soon after the elder brother had the same opportunity to leader his younger brothers fish, which was his first time doing it. Funny enough the youngest lad has caught many game fish and also works for my daughter most weekends on the charter boat she skippers.




More to follow as my picture size won't allow more.




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Part two.

More bait schools were found and more marlin. The young fella got to skipper the boat while I took a few pics of jumping fish, he did a great job even at the close stage work where fish can often be lost under the boat.







Plenty of other boat porn all around us with everything from 17ft boats to 50ft boats hooked into marlin.





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5 hours ago, Saintly Fish said:

Bait and marlin? Looks more like the image of a balding guy taking a picture of an LGBGTQ+ graph! 

Lovely fish btw 👍🏻

Thats because its a simrad piece of junk, far better images from the bold guy on my own boat using Garmin. In saying that I smashed another screen on the 8410 on my last trip in my own boat!!!!....as far as LBGTYQ, Im neutral.


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9 hours ago, Andy135 said:

Quality fishing Jon. Well done. Great pics as always as well. 👍

Cheers Andy, had another cracking day on them yesterday, two pretty stubborn black marlin. Also followed by another beach session, now needing a rest fro it all.

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