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First blank of the year


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And the first shore session of the year. 

Started on an open sand beach to try for flats, which we are going to use for tope in June, I was using shrimp tail tipped with mackerel belly strip on a two hook flapper. I found a nice gully 10 m out that dropped a couple of foot quickly. 


The sunny weather lasted an hour when the wind turned to blow diagonally inshore making bites hard to detect and even though a cormorant was fishing the same area and doing well I didn't get a touch. Eventually the gully was too far out to reach without destroying my baits on casting, so I tried the river but nothing doing even though the conditions were better. Hopefully the fish will return soon and there will be lots of different species to try for. 

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3 hours ago, Saintly Fish said:

Unlucky Malc. Whenever I've fished for flatties I normally found them right behind the second breaking wave, this I put down to the waves churning up the sea bed. 

Yeah, no real wave action but the cormorant was bagging up in the same area I was casting, I also tried the slow retrieve but no joy. Might try the LRF sometime soon 

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