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Marina fishing.

Saintly Fish

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39 minutes ago, Andy135 said:

Top dangling! That mullet is a proper result. Good job someone had a camera handy too, otherwise we wouldn't have believed you! 😉

Yes I make sure the iPhone is surgically attached to me now when fishing. I wouldn't want to abuse my position to try and convince people I catch fish if I don't!!
All fish caught again on @JDP's recommended mini ugly stik, it really is a proper fun way of fishing! 

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1 hour ago, mike farrants said:

nice one!

what were the tactics for the mullet? id love to catch one - -they're huge in weymouth marina 

I just chuck bits of bread in the water every ten seconds or so, let the tide carry them away. But one bit is free lined with a very small hook, you need to squash the bread onto the hook though or it'll fall off in the tide. 
By our marina standards that one was quite small. I've seen them much bigger. 

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2 hours ago, mike farrants said:

ok ive been doing it with a waggler type float that those hippy pond dwellers use..... 


i might try free lining then!

If you squeeze the bread so it resembles a kind of cauliflower floret with the hook in the stem, then it will still float. If you squeeze all the bread it will sink. You can vary the depth of the bread by varying the strength of the squeeze. The more air and fluff you take out of the bread the more it sinks. Hope that makes sense 😜

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5 hours ago, JDP said:

Love it, mullet give a better account for themselves than bass in my opinion, agree on those little outfits being such fun. He's got to stop showing off with all that hair though!!!!!

What and ruin his rock god persona !!! 

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