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Short but great session


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41 minutes ago, Malc said:

Went back to the reef I was at 2 weeks ago as light winds were forecast and they were right, but surfline was wrong and instead of 1-2ft it was 2-3ft and a bit of snotty chop at times, but I got out of the harbour ok and headed for the reef. 

I sat for a minute to watch how and where the drift was going when I heard some unmistakable snorting and a big pod of dolphin went past 60-70m away but my photos were mostly of the grey sea! 

Lure on and I cast over the reef and count down 5 seconds shut the bail, let the line tighten then a couple of turns and slow pull and then a sleigh ride as I hadn't adjusted the drag! It was going berserk first away from me, then right and then left and everything just siezed up. I peddled uptide to see if I could get over it and lift it but it was solid and I couldn't budge it, so I tried giving slack and still nothing, I tried a different angle and the braid just pinged 🤐

By the time I tied another rig I was well off the reef so set up another drift parallel to the first and cast out, 5 seconds and bail arm, line tightens and I started retrieving slowly and half way in I had a pull but no connection, I free fall the lure and another tap as I started the retrieve, so this time a fast few turns and bang its on! I caught a glimpse of bronze as it tried to motor down to the kelp but a bit of side strain turned it and after 2 more runs it is lifted into the kayak 😃 nice stocky fish that's been munching sandeel for months. 

Sea was getting a bigger lift by now and was 3-5ft so I tried one more drift but snagged up and it was a bit too much in some of those waves to try and pull out so I cut and headed back as sometimes getting into the harbour can be tricky and I didn't want to catch a big wave side on in 6-8ft of water and end up upside down on the beach. 

It did happen as there's a photo !


And there was me waiting for a photo of you upside down on the beach. Never mind. Thanks for the report, you're lucky to have got out. Things don't look good here for at least another week!! 😡

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Sorry to hear that, we've had howling westerly winds that have flattened the sea but drifts would have been fast, lots of rain flooding the estuaries and today was a small window as the wind went NE'ly before it goes E'ly and its big onshore rollers. 

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