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Can a beach rod become a boat rod?

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After reading about @Andy135’s new purchase of a slow jogging rod that handles 100-300g pirks, I started to think. Is it feasible to turn a continental style beach caszter that casts 100-200g into a jigging rod?? 
by that I mean can it be cut down, or the 2nd and 3rd slimmest sections adapted to become a shorter boat rod? What would the pit falls or restraining factors be? Obviously you would need to strip back to a bare blank and start a rebuild. 

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The action of a beachcaster will be different to that of a jigging rod. Take a look at some of the jigging vids that @GPSguru posted on the slow jigging thread and you'll see what I mean. Those jigging rods are through-action, meaning they bend right down to the butt and the fish is played on the drag, not on the rod. I suspect that the top two thirds of a beachcaster wouldn't bend in the same way and wouldn't flick the jigs to get them working successfully.

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48 minutes ago, Saintly Fish said:

yeah ok, look it was a hypothetical question.   

It works with uotiders but tackle is mass produced so that there is less value in it...

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