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Finding my way around the site


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1 minute ago, Norwayfisher said:

Hi Guy's

I was given this site by a friend on world sea fishing I'm just finding my way around the site at the moment  and hope to get in contact with some of you guy's in the future .

Thanks for joining and posting, We hope that enjoy the sites light banter and useful information from the other members. Jon ( site enforcement ) 

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Welcome Norwayfisher. Glad you found us. Plenty of good advice and fun to be had on here.

Don't mind Jon. We tell him he can be site enforcement just to give him something to do, but he's harmless really. 🤣👍

What boat do you have? We love.a boat pic or two, so post some photos in the Show Us Yer Boat thread 👍

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Welcome to forum,  like the established members have said, they will take the rip out of you. But “it’s all in the best possible taste”. (Or so I was told 🤣).  

I’m sure you’ll enjoy the boating and fishing blether which comes as a welcome break from the ‘political’ agendas elsewhere. 

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