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Another newbie with a boat....


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Just bought a 17ft Wilson Flyer as a first boat with a mate who has had a powerboat before.

Lots of fishing experience but in fresh water not much salt so lots to learn


Boat is usable but needs a bit of tiding, I'm happy to look a mess but my boat partner is a bit more fussy on the aesthetics so we'll be doing some tarting up. Expect a lot of newbie questions. 


Planning on using the boat on the Thames around Reading/Chertsey area and south coast when its all sorted

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Welcome LostPiker.

Wilson Flyer's are great boats - very stable hull so you'll find them a good fishing platform. Take a look here for a free download on angling boats and how to set them up with safety in mind.

I'm not far from you - between Reading and Newbury. Some good fishing to be had on the Thames and on the south coast.

Looking forward to your questions and seeing some pics of your boat as you tart it up - you could do a before and after thread perhaps?

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Hi and welcome to the forum. 
we hope you find it informative. Don’t be scared to ask questions. 
mid you trailer , we are going to try and arrange a boat meet in the solent next summer . 
look for the thread and register your interest 👍🏻

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