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Highland Brigade sonar images


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My route to St Cats took me right past the Highland Brigade this weekend so I stopped to take a few sonar images of her. She's a long wreck, and wouldn't fit on a single sidescan sonar page. In the first pic below her bow is offset due to a bit of swell rocking the boat as I was drifting her.




And here's how she looks with Downscan sonar. The tide had started to flood at this point, so the image below is from a drift diagonally across her, rather than lengthwise like the two sidescan images above.


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10 minutes ago, Saintly Fish said:

So the bright specs are fish or the outer shell of the wreck? 

The bright specks over the top of the wreck itself could be fish, but more likely to be the hard returns made by the hull itself, perhaps covered by marine growth (weed, sponges, anemones etc). The specks to the left of the wreck mass are more likely to be fish sitting in front of the wreck as the tide started turning.

The very small specks at the top of the image and in the water column are likely to be weed and other detritus.

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