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Sharky skate!!!


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Well not really but the little shovel nosed ray is part of both!!!


Quite day on edible species but still came home with enough for a couple of meals. Banjo rays and shovel nosed rays were a nuisance but still good sport on the little kids outfit with 8lb braid. When things are quiet I often drop down to the little outfit as it makes anything I catch seem that much more demanding.


It was Humpback highway yesterday with groups often coming to the boat to check me out, at one point one was so close it gave me a right soaking!!!! When they get so close I pull any lines in as Ive had then get tangled before, which funny enough the last time it happened the whale came to the side of my old zodiac and let me untangle the line from around its pectoral fin. Some knob came flying over in his boat which spooked the family group I had been having close interactions with but you get that with idiots who don't have a clue.


Saw a few yellowfin feeding on very small baits but had no luck getting close enough to them.
















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