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after a solid 7 days working on the house with 'the' most glorious weather for boat fishing I finally managed an afternoon off for a spot of fishing.... but not on the boat (hopefully that will be sunday...) 

Went down to Slapton for a bash on the Mack's and did reasonably well using pop up rigs (everyone else was feathering and I pitied them for they caught naff all). Managed 9 in total at a fair old distance with a couple going over the 1lb mark along with a Grey and a Tub Gurnard of the same size (the Grey is food coz it died....).

I plodded on into darkness vainly trying for a Bass or a Ray but I knew deep down it was fruitless so packed up and headed home about 9.30pm. 

Happy that I will get a lovely meal and I can take a couple with me on Sunday for backup... shouldn't really bank on catching them but I like to live on the edge... lol

looking forward to posting a huge haul on Sunday, fingers crossed 😬



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5 hours ago, Saintly Fish said:

Well done indeed. That's not a bad haul at all! And nice to see alternative tactics work. Good luck on Sunday. 

Ps, I have deleted your duplicate post without the pictures. 

you know what, I thought something odd was going on as I thought I'd already posted it 🤣 maybe something to do with Mr Henry Weston.... 😬

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4 hours ago, Andy135 said:

Well done Gary. That is indeed a good haul. Slapton is notorious for being a hard mark to fish, with blanks more likely than catches so extra kudos to you for out-thinking the other anglers and coming up trumps. 👍

cheers mate, the macks were there right up until at least the new year last year, I bagged a bucket full just after xmas and then got some nice big whiting into darkness... Slapton does have it's moments and yes, I have blanked there more than once 🤣

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