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Friday 26th Aug - Weymouth - and a PB for me!

mike farrants

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My In laws were still down and Tim was free so me and phil joined him and his son on Sea Dog for the day. 

Plan was similar to Thursday - bait in the entrances and off to anchor mixed ground. Much earlier start as the tides meant we wanted to get out under the bridge rather than wait for the 8am lift. 6.30 at the boat and away by 7am.

The mackies were again had to find - 1st entrance produced nothing in the best part of an hour - so we moved up to chequers entrance, and only phil managed one joey- that left only the hood to try - which for those that don't know is the scuppered HMS Hood which was sunk in portlands south entrance to protect the harbour - a good wreck, but tackle graveyard - and hard to fish with the tide rushing out the entrance. 

Tim held the boat in position and the 3 of us feathered - soon enough we had full strings of mackerel and a bucket of bait ready to go. Tims son caught a few pollock and the wreck.....  

we moved off to a mark similar to Thursday but about half a mile further out and about 20ft deeper, between 2 long sand/shingle banks. 

Tim fished light with squid and had a steady stream of bream, red gurnard and scad, plus one mackerel. 

Early on i had a nice Tope - put up a good scrap,


and Phil had some decent thornies which also fought well in the tide- including a pregnant one which we released as quickly as possible - one also came up with a big leach which we removed..... nasty thing!


on the big baits we all had plenty of dogs, congers, thornies etc to keep us busy and phil had a lovely red gurnard - might have been his first he couldn't remember!


the calm was disrupted by phil catching a seagull (his PB) - it grabbed the bait before he could drop it down - hooked in the top beak - we managed to unhook it quickly with the t bar, and the gulls left us alone for about an hour.

Just as I was bouncing my bait back down tide, lifting and bouncing, i got a hit - a decent hit, thinking it was another tope, i brought it up through the tide, Tim said its a big bream, but i had a size 10 hook and mackerel bait....... no the shiney silver fish approaching was a BASS - now i haven't caught a bass in about 30 yrs (schoolies in the river medina) - and this was my PB - it was only 2.5lb which surprised me as it was a big fish at 50cm - but a PB none the less! 


absolutely buzzing! 

by 3pm we were done, wind was picking up, tide was dropping off and people were falling asleep - what a cracking day out - especially as we had some decent fish on Thursday too!

Me and the Mrs then spent the bank holiday weekend on a friends canal boat in Rickmansworth - very pleasant but no fishing.


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33 minutes ago, mike farrants said:

i was surprised - thought it would have been heavier too


That is definitely a 4lb ish fish all day long. A 42 keeper is close to 2.75lb.

That is a good eating size, but you need to bleed them by immediately cutting the gills.

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4 minutes ago, GPSguru said:

That is definitely a 4lb ish fish all day long. A 42 keeper is close to 2.75lb.

That is a good eating size, but you need to bleed them by immediately cutting the gills.

And de scale them on the water otherwise you will be finding scales around the kitchen for ages. 

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34 minutes ago, mike farrants said:

thanks Ian - both sets of scales showed around 2lb 4oz........  I did blead it immediately on the boat - we do it with all keepers!

There is more than a fair chance that both are wrong, as a 50cm fish will almost definitely weight more than that. Perhaps you are using a cheap chinky tape from screwfix 🤣

Check the scales against a known weight. A bag of sugar is usually good as a rough idea, 1kg or 2.2lb

I use Reuben Heaton scales, we have digital to 130lb and dial to 60lb on the boat. 

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