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Weymouth 11th September

mike farrants

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Not too much to show sadly - 

decided last minute to brave the 10+Mph S Easterlies and one of the biggest tides of the year so met at my mates boat for the 8AM bridge and headed out with the charters!


first stop was a small wreck not far off the stone pier - we initially just wanted to look at it on the sounder to see if it was any decent size - it was nicely marked with one pot bouy - but when we scanned it looked full of bait - so we gave a couple of drifts - i was straight into a mackerel - but sadly that was the only one after 4 short drifts. 

We moved to Portland's first entrance - nothing, we moved to the 2nd entrance - nothing - we were treated to a dolphin display in the bow wave of a tanker as it came out.

after an hour of trying and only one mackerel there was only one thing for it - lose some tackle on the Hood - 3rd entrance. 

 by the time we got there the tide was ripping out and the wind was blowing in creating a bit if a race/overfalls - there were others there too inc commercial bass boats - we feathered and lost gear - but luckily also caught - with 6 mackerel and a gar fish we were done and off to anchor some mixed ground. 

with big baits on the bottom and small flapper rigs we had a mixed bag in the tough conditions - tide was ripping out and holding us side on to the swell and chop 

i had a lonely bream, 2x decent conger, and a poor cod (needed for my species hunt)





Tim had a red gurnard, poor cod, thornie and couple of dogs

Tims son Jason stole the show at the end of the day with a monster 11lb Bull Huss - taken on Garfish fillet! a brute!



after dealing with the huss - Tim asked me why i was fishing uptide........... i wasn't -  yup the anchor had tripped and we were moving backwards at around 1 knot.

time to call it a day.


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