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Slapton last night


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My mate Aaron and I went out for a whiting bash down Slapton last night and it was a tad cold 🥶 

lots of ice on the road down made driving interesting but we arrived in one piece. 

Set up a rod before anything else and had a bomber rig blasted out with mackerel on for bait. Got my shelter up then a second rod with a pennel pulley and a nice big fillet of mack with squid all bound up with elastic and sent it.

Reeled in my first rod to find two average size whiting on. Hoping this would be a sign of a good evening to come we fished on in earnest all the way up till 2am, by which time the relentless northerly breeze had taken its toll on us so we called it a night. 

We managed 9 takers for the table although not as big as I’d prefer and about 5 doggies, that was it. Good fun until the cold started to bite and the scenery with the waning moon, stars, shooting stars and the massive fog bank well offshore made it a bit more interesting. Aaron decided to take one of the bigger dogs as he’d always heard they taste good (not my cup of tea) and started regretting it as I talked him through gutting and skinning 🤣 took him ages but we got there.

More ice on the roads back but slow and steady kept us safe and home by 4am for a couple of beers before bed.







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29 minutes ago, Andy135 said:

Nice! I'll be in Dartmouth between Xmas and New Year, and if I can smuggle a beach rod into the car I may just try Slapton myself.

Should get better, it normally produces a better stamp of fish in the new year, mackerel on pop ups too during the day if you’re lucky 🍀 😊

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