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stearing cable

captin slows old outlaw

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Sorry Pete, but I have fitted a Baystar hydraulic steering system to my boat. I hope that someone else will see your add or you could try Ebay. I hope you get a buyer soon as someone will get a bit of a bargain. Geoff.☺️

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29 minutes ago, captin slows old outlaw said:

it is not eating anything , with ebay i was going to put it on , but got involved with something eals if you know what i mean.

I do indeed

Just wondering if RM and parcel farce in particular are going to bother to make an appearance today with my new sander

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4 hours ago, Andy135 said:

@thejollysinker in case this is the right cable length for you.

unfortunately not 😕 I need a 15'

thanks for the thought though 👍😬

Edited by thejollysinker
coz I normally take ages to reply to something and if I do it too quickly I then think of something else I should have said ;-)
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