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So no plans to go out this weekend and watching the Cornwall weather forecast that was out of the equation for the current targets

Sunday forecast more local was looking too good I just couldn’t turn it down. So on the phone to Ash are you in. yes .

good see you 3am . Tow down . Launch itchenor first light .
make shift plan of attack was to hit a reef over the slack and go for some ballans but when we got there about 15mile from the harbour it was very poor clarity.

 Unbelievable amounts of bait fish on the sounder no takes on the tiniest sabikis .. not sure what they were . Well I did leave them hanging and missed one only shot at grabbing some wen the rod was bouncing ! 

so no joy there moved over to a big bank and dragged worms for a plaice … no joy .

So moved over to another bank to anchor for blondes. 
soon as we set the baits didn’t feel confident after half hour I let out aload of anchor rope to move further along … just on the off chance we land on top of some fish . Just dogs . After a while up anchor and headed right back in to the bracklesham gulley. Barley any tide but I dropped a squid right on top of a nice hound which gave a good account of itself . Little bit perked up now thinking might be able to save the day here with some sport. Turned back into dog dog dog .

anyway little reality check session is all part of it right ! 




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22 minutes ago, JonC said:

A lot of effort again, well done for trying. 
Them sausages- are they really small or is it a big pan? It looks like you’ve gone a bit hot on them and not been turning them enough? 

Haha these were chipotlatas to explain their girth ..and yes a pretty big pan . They tasted good with bit of blackening charcoal grill without the coal.

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8 hours ago, Dicky said:

Top effort again Josh but disappointed to see  space in the pan, could have fitted a few more snarlers in there!!

Don’t worry guys I won’t let you down next time there’s going to be more food and more fish !

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1 hour ago, Saintly Fish said:

Is that a promise?? 
Well done for a 3am start with not much fish. Still, you can't bag up every time eh!! 

Haha Well, i suppose i can’t promise more fish but more food shouldn’t be an issue 😆

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