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Small Boat Species hunt round up 2023

mike farrants

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Good skills 🙂 

I didn’t enter but managed, poor cod, blue whiting, whiting, porbeagle, blue shark, bft, doggie, conger, mackerel, pollack, coalfish, launce, Ballan wrasse, cuckcoo wrasse. Spur dogs, codling…

I didn’t fish out of Cardiff so missed out on hounds and 4 types of ray… so I still wouldn’t have scored highly! 

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16 hours ago, mike farrants said:

Not much going on at them moment so i'll share this. 

I took part in the 'Small Boat Sea fishing' groups species hunt and did ok - the rules are simple - small private boat or charter boat (but cant be a mix), no kayaks, the fish are on a list (only fish on the list count), photo the fish with your card to count - no min size)

I ended on 23 species, and came 19th out of over 100 entrants - my prize was a lure bundle from Lureshed UK - soft plastics and jig heads! some very well made lures!


my 23 species were....

Mackerel, Garfish, pouting, conger, Ballan, Corkwing, pollock, poor cod, dogfish, scad, whiting, smoothound, spotted ray, thornback ray, blonde ray, undulate ray, tope, red gurnard, tub gurnard, black bream, cuckoo wrasse, bull huss, thick lipped mullet.

Notable species for me this year were a few firsts - first ever undulate, bull huss and thick lipped mullet - and I always enjoy a cuckoo wrasse



I missed out on a few relatively easy fish that I've had in the prior year - they just eluded me! - Bass, Launce, Turbot, Grey gurnard and small eyed ray - would have seen me on 28 and in 10th! 

I should also be able to get plaice, spurdog, brill. so I must try harder next year!

the winner was Jake Davison from Muscle fishing (youtube channel)  and he had 38 - he was fishing from a tiny Polycraft tuffy and was able to travel the entire country with it on the roof - from Cornwall to Scotland for the Skate. 

thoroughly enjoyable to take part through the year as it makes you try for species you might not normally target, and with a wealth of prizes - over 30 this year - there's a real incentive to keep on it!






I have had a look Mike, and I finished the year on 31 species, which is about average, however, I tend not to take part in competitions.

My most notable and unusual species this year were a streaked Gurnard on the Skerries, and a small (mack sized) Bonito off the orestone during the early Sept heat wave. However, I still didn't get my Wreckfish (Stone Bass), perhaps 2024 will provide for me .........................

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4 minutes ago, Saintly Fish said:

Yes mate, I feel like I've missed a whole year of fishing. Still, if the small weather window for tomorrow holds.........🤞🏻

Letterbox more like. 

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23 minutes ago, Saintly Fish said:

Well it's N-NW 9-15mph and down here that's pretty good. It is stretching into Saturday too, so hopefully when I get up tomorrow it'll be the same!

Thanks for the invite 👍

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Well done Mike, It certainly made for a different result this year by separating charter boats and private boats and no kayaks.

I'm not surprised that Jake won it as it was always going to be there for someone who was prepared to put the miles in.

the variety just isnt there when you have a boat moored in a set place.

I've recently purchased a boat so looking forward to being able to compete again though I believe the format is to be different again this year.

looking forward to finding out what it will be and hoping for many a day of calm seas 🙂

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Agreed Sevens, i liked the fact that private and charter were separated, however i have a kayak - so that might have held me back a bit. 

I also found it a little frustrating that BFT was on the list and that's not exactly accessible = yet small species like Sea scorpions, blennys and gobies that everyone can catch weren't. 

plus regional specific fish are or aren't included - black mouth dog fish was on, but red band fish wasn't.

still im not complaining - roll on 2024!






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