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Bream Rigs

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Lure rod. Two hook flapper rig with floating beads on the snoods. Size 4 pennel hooks. Long thin strips of squid or mackerel belly skin. Bounce the gear off the bottom as you drift. You'll know when you've hooked one. Brilliant sport on light gear.

Have a read of this too: 


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We catch hundreds of bream here in Weymouth - they are here all year round!

Simple to catch if they are there. 

I use a very simple 2 hook flapper - tied snoods about 6-8 inches long and about the same distance apart, small yellow hooks, yellow beads (can be floating but i don't see the need from a boat!), small strip of Squid, mackerel belly or sometimes they want rag worm.

if they're hungry they will take anything on any size hook - but your best chance is small gear. 

the bites can be aggressive, rattly bites but they have hard mouths so i tend to strike into them - if you don't hook up let the bait settle again for a 1 minute or 2 - if they haven't robbed it they will be back on it - but do check your bait if it goes quiet - they will rob you! - when reeling in don't ever give them any slack - steady wind to the surface and straight into the boat/net

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I've used the small shanked ones like @mike farrants posted above, but I've also used, and more successfully, regular Aberdeen patterns in smaller sizes. The longer shanks allow them to be penneled and it's always the tail hook that gets the fish. The top hook just acts a bait holder. Also means you hook more fish as the "bait-nippers" get hooked as well as the "whole swallowers"

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