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Anyone out today


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1 hour ago, Andy135 said:

If it's calm enough it might be worth pushing out a bit. Either S of Needles or Foul Grounds. Big tides though.

How does this lockdown t4 thing work? Can you still meet with another person in public or not I’ve given up looking at it now. 

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3 minutes ago, Saintly Fish said:

That’s mean 

What's mean is bringing it up at every possible opportunity again. I swear he goes on about that more than I do about my new boat.

Have I told you about my new boat...??

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My daughter did 9 days straight with 3 trips per day until Xmas day when she got a chances to use her own boat. She's now back to three trips per day, with the occasional fourth evening penguin tour.

Im very much considering selling my boat now its only getting used once a week. Its also the silly season where our town fills with tourists and hundreds of boats, making it to busy for me at the boat ramps!!!! 

I must admit Im growing tired of taking people out who loose my jigs, can't catch fish and walk away at the end of the day with half my catch and not so much an offer to chip in towards fuel or the gear they loose "baa humbug"

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