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Meeting in laws


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Hey lads

Don't do doggie bashing such a dis-service, at least you're out in the wild and don't know what's coming next.  Sitting by some muddy hole containing nothing but carp for a month, in a comfy bed and tent, just to catch 'Ivor' can't be fishing to me.  Catching a fish that the lodge has photo's of since its introduction, often loads, is just wrong to me as well.  It's a good job carp are tough, they need to be and many show battle scars.  Where intensive pike fisheries are tried the fish just lose weight and die after repeated capture.  Can't believe all the crap carpies take with them, forget a beach trolley, it's a wheelbarrow of tackle, another for the small town they're putting up, and a third for the x 25kg bags of fish pellet to chuck into the lake to attract fish.  Many of these lakes have aerators to keep the fish alive in the de-oxygenated soup created by all the food input and unnatural algal and zooplankton blooms.  Still I suppose the whole industry of carp fishing is making some wonga for the exchequer, though it somehow leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

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