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Hydro dipping.

Saintly Fish

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1 minute ago, Geoff said:

Don't be daft Andy, he's still waiting for it!!! Geoff.

Well I wasnt going to bring you into it at this stage Geoff, but seeing as you'vechipped in.......... I dont have it yet Andy, Im still waiting for Geoff to finish it!! But I know it will be well worth the wait.

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Just to keep you in the picture Neil, I madethe mould yesterday and laid it up today. I demoulded it at teatime and it looks fine. On Monday I shall trim it to size,cut the apertures and polish it. It shouldbe in the post to you by Wednesday. As I have said before I personally do not usually do any laying up (too messy), but 2 weeks ago my friend who has the FG business came off his push bike on some ice and fractured his hip. He is hobbling about now on crutches and is unable to do much so I had to grin - (grimace) and get on with it. To make matters even worse he has sold his factory and we are moving to another unit. You can imagine the upheaval as he has been in the current unit for over 40 years, and like myself has never been able to throwANYTHING away on the basis that it may come in handy one day!!! Geoff.

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24 minutes ago, Saintly Fish said:

You two faced swine, when your on the boat you say that its not as bad as it looked in the photos, now you e changed your mind...... bloody 劾潑旭

I was sparing your feelings Neil. Just trying to be kind.

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