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First trip out 2021

Saintly Fish

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The day started with breakfast at 7am then take the dog for a walk whilst the crew member had his breakfast and got ready. 
On the boat by 8am, left mooring at 8.30am dropped anchor at 9am. We had a couple of hours of the ebb, but it was pretty still already tbh. The 6/7mph North easterly held us in the tide a bit and made the rods swing around. My quarry was plaice, Leo was after a nice ray. 
Not much happened for the first 45mins until Leo kicked things off with a dog. Which then was followed by the normal, “daddy, I’ve got one already”!! Here we go I thought, it’s going to be another day of me doing all the work and the little man taking all the credit! But no. 10 mins later my quarry was boated, not a whopper by any stretch but a nice healthy plaice all the same. 




Thats was me satisfied if I’m honest. I got what I came for and released him to go get bigger. Still there was still the question of the ray! 
Leo decided that energy in the form of a wagon wheel was needed and quickly polished one off. 


Well, that was about it for the next two hours. We (I) kept changing baits and filling the ground baiting gizmo ready for nipper to deploy. 
Soon as the tide started we had a couple of hours where we managed 2 starfish, 3 bass, 2 whiting and that was it. No rays and no more plaice.

Still, we had a lovely day on the water, we caught some fish and we sang happy birthday to @JonC after he gently reminded us that we had forgotten it. So, Happy Birthday Jon and we look forward to helping you celebrate your big 50 next year!! 🍻












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Top fishing both of you! Well done for your plaice. Was that the mark Bill suggested?

Well done Leo on your bass and star fish, but the catch of the day has to be your dogfish 🐶🎣 Well dangled!!

Roll on the end of the month when hopefully I can get out there too 🤞

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7 minutes ago, Andy135 said:

Was that the mark Bill suggested?

Yes it was, I rather hoped that more would have shown up but hey ho. Not bad from the anchor. Leo didn’t want the agro of drifting on his first trip so, Chuck the hook it was. 

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Another good day out - about time. Well done to both of you.  I think Leo had the best catch with his waggonwheel. I used to love them - still do, but am 100% convinced that they are much smaller than they used to be despite the manufacturers claim that they are the same size!!! Well done again for getting out. Geoff.☺️

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