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18 minutes ago, OrkneyCorkney said:

Loch Awe.  The great thing about having a small boat is getting around the place to different waters.  Had a trip to Falmouth last year.  Great boat for a Billy no mates but would be well cramped with two anglers.

Yep. I had my young son and the dog out on mine and it was a squeeze. Also took a mate out on it once and there was just barely enough room for us to to fish.

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3 minutes ago, Saintly Fish said:

It’s a baptism of fire in here mate!! Only the strong survive. 💪🏻

Only the strong survive your baptism of fire you mean!

@OrkneyCorkney, @Saintly Fish has previous for scaring newbies away but he's harmless really. 👍

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Nice pics, thanks for posting.Well done for getting about OC, that is one of the great things about about trailer sailors, but even I will agree that my boat has spent far too much time (it's whole life since leaving the moulds) on it's trailer. Geoff. :classic_wink:

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I think that Falmouth (and Cornwall in general) is great. For our last holiday (2019) We took the camper to Carnon downs and visited Falmouth/St Mawes/Truro etc. nearly every day. This year we are intending to take our hopefully finished boat down to Polruan, after of course the July boat ☺️meet. Geoff.

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3 minutes ago, OrkneyCorkney said:

Decided that 14 foot boat had another bonus - less to polish. 😆 🤗   

Too true, but 10 foot is not that much bigger and you could earn some bucks for your new plotter! Geoff.☺️

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