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Birds mess on you boat

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Fed up with seagulls shitting on my boat. 
my mate bought a seagull scarer and since he bought it he’s had no poo on his boat 

They are only £9 I will let you know what it’s like when mine arrives.

I have seen his working and looks ok 

it’s got mirrors in so it flashes to scare them away 

Cleaned my roof yesterday for the last time hopefully 👍



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5 minutes ago, Andy135 said:

Mate, if a bird shat on my roof I wouldn't see her again....











I'll get my coat.... 🤣

FFS...... that comment need deleting before anybody reads it. 


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I bought some bunting to put up to scare the seagulls away - not only have them been making a mess, but theyve been pecking the waterproof flashing i put round the wheelhouse roof and ripped some of it off!


bunting should do the job - but this looks a lot less "regatta" then the bunting will..... 


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14 minutes ago, GPSguru said:

Hang a few old CD’s on there, the continual shining and flickering seems to deter the flying rats.

Are you sure that it is not just your taste in CD's that deters them - that would deter me, but whatever you do please don,t use G&S CD's or you will get every gull for miles making even more mess in their enthusiasm to get the discs. Geoff.:classic_wink: 

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