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Trophy to Brixham.


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Hi Folks. I have just posted in the introduce yourself forum so I thought that I would post a couple of pics of our new boat. Mercruiser 5.0 V8 petrol. Hopefully we will be able to get down to the Skerries in good time and have a go for some Plaice and Turbot.....we live in hope.





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Welcome, the plaice will be on the skerries until at least oct / nov. It is not worth targeting the turbo’s as unlike the shambles, there is not a huge population on the banks. However the Rays are always obliging. 

I launch out Teignmouth and often go to the skerries.

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Lovely boat, I had an older 23ft trophy that came with a 5.0l V8 and an OMC Cobra leg

Good for low/mid 30's (knots) but could watch the fuel gauge dropping whilst doing it

Changed the engine for a GM 6.2l V8 diesel (and a Volvo 290 DP) after the petrol one shit it's self

Legs are fine if they are looked after

Not picking holes, but looks like you have a rust stain under your transom shield ?

Maybe get it checked out as there shouldn't be any thing ferrous on the wet side of it 

Great boat though 

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